The Variant, a reverse-edge non-metallic knife highly compatible with most steel reverse-edge knives, to make a perfect non-permissive-environment match for whatever you’re carrying normally.
Hand ground from G10 composite, the Variant is approx. 5 3/4″ overall, with a 2 3/4″ blade.
Available in Black or Jade, with wire-brushed grip.
Sheaths are fully non-metallic, saddle stitched with 200lb Technora thread.


The Variant is our core non-metallic knife, designed from the ground up to be a compatible analog for most steel reverse-edge knives. A Variant is the perfect non-permissive-environment stand-in for whatever you’re carrying already.
Hand ground from G10 composite, the Variant is approx. 5 3/4″ overall, with a 2 3/4″ blade.
The grip is wrapped with epoxy-soaked hemp giving purchase to the hand without being abrasive, providing security without discomfort during carry or use.

Models available in both Single or Double Edge.

Select either Clip Sheath or Shock Cord sheath, or Both.
All sheaths are fully non-metallic.
Clip sheaths are mounted with a versatile clip for attachment directly to waistband, pants belts, or alternatives like the PHLster Enigma belt. Select Left or Right based on Reverse-Grip drawstroke (Right Hand reverse grip, is left hand forward grip, and vice versa).
Shock Cord sheaths use high-strength elastic cord, locked in to keyhole notches, to create a highly adaptable belt, strap, and pocket mounting option.

Additional information

G10 Color

Black G10, Charcoal and Black G10, Gray G10


Single Edge, Double Edge

Grip Color

Black Wrap, Orange Wrap, Pink Wrap, Green Wrap, Purple/Blue/Black Wrap, Dark Lavender Wrap


Left Hand, Right Hand

Sheath Color

Orange Sheath, Black Sheath, Dark Grey Sheath, Lime Green Sheath, Purple Sheath

Sheath Type

Clip Sheath, Shock-Cord Sheath, Both Sheaths


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