Stab Patch


It’s a patch, but also a Thumb Dagger: Velcro backed, 1/4″ G10, ground to a dagger point.

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The only patch of its kind – The only morale patch you can stick in someone’s neck!
A patch, but also a point-driven tool: Velcro backed G10, ground to a dagger or kiridashi point.
Approx. 4″ overall with a 2″ “blade” (no true edge, this is a stabber).
Can be attached to patch panels, Velcro organizers, and any Velcro/hook field, for wear and convenience in unlikely spots.

Free Candy – Purple/Black Marbled G10, .180″ thick
Tree of Life – Hand Carved Stylized skull motif Black G10 .250″
Crop Circles – Black .125″ G10
Bamboo Green – Bamboo Texture OD Green G10 .250, narrow hollow ground


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