Good Medicine for 96 Bad Hours Signed Paperback


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In 2014 our friends at Lone Star Medics had an awesome idea: A conference full of experienced professionals and eager students, all focused on Field and Tactical Medicine. We were honored to be invited to teach (back in the days of being known as BFE Labs) and had pretty much only one goal: Don’t f*ck up.
Wanting to really¬†bring it, we decided that a regular old printed and stapled handout for our block wasn’t going to cut it. We wanted people to walk out of our block not just with knowledge, but with something in their hand that could be useful for years to come… And that would get everyone who wasn’t in our block wishing they had been. Thus, this 50 page mini-manual on wilderness first aid was born.
We revised and updated the handout for the 2015 conference, and just recently discovered a small handful of these rare gems were left over.

It’s five years old now, and we’d do some things differently today… but overall, it’s a solid little book. We’re hard at work on a long promised updated and expanded edition, but if anyone wants a signed memento from the BFE Labs days, this is your last opportunity.


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