Ceramic Utility Knife


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Low cost, low signature, low risk cutting tool. These ceramic utility knives are ideal for any environment where metallic, magnetic, or conductive signatures could be problematic, but cutting performance is essential. Perfect for humanitarian work where you need to avoid completing circuits, generating sparks, or problematic magnetic fields in the course of the work.
Low cost means you don’t have to be attached to one, and can afford to put a couple in the toolbox or workbag. Sheathed in saddle-stitched kydex, with a generous static-cord, the Ceramic Utility can be carried in almost any fashion, anywhere.
These knives are produced offshore, and then sharpened, tip geometry corrected, and sheathed by hand here in the shop. Each tool is individually pass/fail tested for EM field signature prior to shipping.
White ceramic blade, Iron Curtain Burgundy injection molded handle.
7.375″ overall, with a 2.9″ blade.

Ceramic is delicate. You cannot pry, twist, or otherwise put side pressure on the blade. Ceramic utility knives are exempt from typical NOC warranties against damage or failure.


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