The following are the 80+ sources used for the magazine article on masks and respirators, and cited in the NOC online COVID-19 masks article. They are presented roughly in order following the article, and identified by subject. 

CDC Guidelines for Face Coverings, Historic and Current:

Mask and PPE Shortage:,8599,1899526,00.html

Types of Masks:

Particle Filtration, Virion Size, and Brownian Motion:

Mask Shortages and Volunteer Manufacturing:

Crisis Strategies for Mask and N95 Usage:

Healthcare Worker Use of DIY Masks:

Cloth and DIY Mask Peer-Reviewed Data:!po=87.5000

DIY Mask Filtration Materials and Sterilization Wrap:

Mask and Respirator Disinfection:

Ultraviolet Decontamination:

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor:

Microwave Steam:

Warm Moist Heat:


Oven/Dry Heat:

Disinfectant Chemicals

Soap and Water:

Time and Sunlight Exposure:

Decontamination Strategy:

Donning and Doffing: