Adventure, Risk, and Violence.
“This you must do for yourself. There is no one coming. Everything is up to you. If you can’t be safe, be dangerous.
Each and every one of you who want to live a good, and long, life… who are sincere about your passions despite any threat… need to be dangerous. You need more skills, more depth, than a single article, class, or book can give you. It is a lifelong pursuit.
This is your mandate to become dangerous.”

When it all goes wrong, there is no one coming to save you. In critical moments success or failure depends on you. Are you ready?
For more than ten years we have provided knowledge, training, and equipment to support your success in the face of austerity and hostility. We are No One Coming, and our interests are adventure, risk, and violence.
Part laboratory, part design firm, part studio, part training company

We produce bespoke tools and small batch gear for survival, rescue, and defense; We create content to share our experiences and knowledge; We teach and consult, going hands on to bring you our best.
Based in the High Desert of New Mexico, we are active participants in adventure and training, always testing and refining ourselves and what we offer.
Our home is a borderland, beautiful and harsh, wild and urban, a land of interface between types of risk and play. What we have learned here, we offer to you.

Solutions for Austerity and Hostility

Online Content offers an ever increasing number of articles on adventure, first aid, personal defense, and survival.

Meat-Space Solutions

Our Forge products include small-batch medical kits, and handmade knives and tools, specializing in concealable and non-metallic defensive knives.

Our Experience = Your Success

For everyday emergencies, expedition and adventure, or professional response, our training and consulting services bring our hard won knowledge to end users and developers.